MintFin is centred around our customers needs

We always provide a high standard of candidate and we do all the CV screening and formatting for you. But we don’t just match a great looking CV to an employer, we strive to get an understanding of your specific business needs and goals. From company culture to must have skills, we’ll help you find the perfect candidate for the job with absolute confidence.

At MintFin we’re trusted for our recruitment service. That’s why we partner some of the world’s most successful organisations. From marketing across all online platforms to trustworthy advice, we take the stress out of recruitment for you.

What can MintFin offer you?

  • A reliable team of consultants.

  • Great Competitive Salary

  • CV filtering and Formatting.

  • Marketing across all online platforms.

  • Covering a vast range of industries.

  • Trustworthy advice.

  • A high standard of candidates.

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